You and your partner are speaking
a different language.

Let me be your interpreter.

Couples Counseling in York, Maine

Relationships are hard!

Especially when it feels like you guys can’t communicate in a way that doesn’t end in a fight.

Maybe you just want your partner to thank you for doing the dishes. But trying to express that comes across as an attack on your partner.

Everything comes across as a personal attack and things are heightened to a point that the smallest detail is enough to lead to screaming.

Who knew that not emptying the trash would lead to a discussion on why you should even be together!

Add a dash of salt, a touch of sass and some sarcasm to shake it all up!

With a dash of sarcasm, some blunt statements and a nonjudgmental approach, we can get you guys communicating your needs more effectively! And build more connection between you two!

Get your relationship back on track!

Learn to speak your needs clearly. Feel more connected with your partner. Learn to ride the rollercoaster of relationships!

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Due to the social distancing precautions recommended in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently serving all my clients via teletherapy. I use a secure Audio/Video solution that allows us to meet virtually. If you are in need of support right now, just reach out to me and we will schedule an initial consultation.

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