Couples Therapy

Warning: Rough Roads Ahead.

Your relationship is really getting in gear. The engine’s humming, the transmission is a dream, the ride is smooth, and you’re picking up speed.

Everything’s going great – until you hit that first stretch of uneven pavement.

Maybe it’s something as small as leaving the dishes in the sink, rather than moving them the six centimeters it would take to get them to the dishwasher.

Or finding your best razor dull just when you need it in a hurry.

But perhaps it’s more serious – a gaping pothole so big that your tire explodes and you run completely off the road – life crises, job loss, the kids, infidelity – all the things that can rock a relationship.

Or it could be that you just want to learn how to save your suspension – to learn how to roll smoothly over the inevitable speed bumps by resolving conflicts in a mutually respectful, productive manner.

Safe drivers save lives. Smart couples save relationships.

Be prepared. Make the investment in your future.

Just like a defensive driving course, couples work doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never argue or face problems.

It’s all about making sure you’re ready when you do have to face them.

It’s about being mindful – present – truly aware of what’s going on around you – even when the weather’s sunny and fair.

Know your vehicle. Know the road.

We might work on intimacy charts – to help you learn what makes you feel strongest – most bonded – with your partner.

We’ll develop ways of navigating life’s daily stressors, like job issues, changes in priorities, and shifts in what the relationship might look like.

Perhaps I’ll even make you go on some dates (they might be obscure)!

What your relationship looks like – and how it runs – is YOUR CALL.

Don’t neglect maintenance!

Taking it out for a spin is fun; but for the long haul, you need to remember to take care of your relationship. And that means taking care of yourselves as individuals, too.

So, one absolutely essential goal is self-care. YOU will not be able to be the best in your relationship – to give the best part of yourself and do so fully – without filling YOUR tank.

This goes for BOTH partners because, just like oil and water, both are essential to keep the motor running efficiently.

Let’s get under that hood!

That’s where I come in.

You’re on the journey of your lives. You wouldn’t set off on a long road trip without first making sure that your vehicle is ready.

Couples therapy gives you the knowledge, the tuneup, and the skills to make it to your destination safely – and, even more importantly – to get the most out of every moment along the way.

So what’s holding you back?

Let the good times roll!

Reach out – it doesn’t matter whether you feel like you just stepped off the lot in a brand new model, you’re souping up an older model, or you’re getting ready to take that old engine off the blocks.

Together, we can get you ready to go wherever you want to go! Call me today (207) 619-0699.