Our Courses

Mental Health and Sexual Wellness

Connecting the importance of your mental health and sexual well-being.

Here you will find courses that you can utilize on your own free time to help support, learn about and improve upon your mental health and sexual well-being.

Worth noting, though I am a licensed therapist, this information is a generalization and might not specifically be relevant to you. Please utilize a therapist, psychiatrist or other mental health practitioner for specific health and well-being issues.

Addressing your anxiety

If you are struggling with anxiety, prepare to get some information and some crash course tools in managing it!

Returning to sex postpartum

The idea of sex postpartum can be scary and intimidating. This is a brief rundown of how to safely return to having sex postpartum.

Opening up conversations about sexual preferences

A lecture on the importance of relational safety in regards to vulnerable conversations and attachment, as well as kinks and fantasies.

Reconnecting and rekindling

Add spice and spark back into your long-term relationship.

Introduction to anal

A guide to safely and enjoyably add anal penetration to your sex life.

Kink practices to help with trauma

Download your free e-book to help yourself work through your sexual trauma in a comprehensive and communicative way.

Erectile challenges