Gender Identity Support

Theory v. Reality

In theory, we’re “assigned” a gender at birth.

In reality, it’s more complicated and challenging.

Sometimes, it’s a binary gender.

Other times, it’s on a spectrum.

It could be all of the above.

Enter confusion and stress

You deserve to express your identity – to be comfortable in your own skin.

The freedom to be who you are.

But it isn’t a simple concept.

Families, friends, and other loved ones – they don’t understand.

Often, they’re confused, frustrated, unaccepting, and otherwise unhelpful.

Here’s where I come in.

Guidance and support – without judgment

I’m here for you.

To bolster and assist you as you explore your identity.

To facilitate your communication with others about what you need to feel most supported and cared for.

To help you navigate societal expectations about gender.

Validation and encouragement – without criticism

We all care about how people will view us when it comes to gender.

And society isn’t always kind.

If you’re a woman, and you take on a stereotypically “male” task, you may cause the men around you to become uncomfortable – and the women you’re with may look down with disapproval.

Lifting weights?

Sliding out from under the chassis of a sportscar?

Similarly, a man who engages in stereotypically “feminine” activities may encounter a wide array of negative responses from men and women alike.

Rude remarks?



Follow your passions – without pressure or prejudice

Our goals?

To make you feel your goals, passions, and self-expression are 100% perfect.

Because they are!

To make sure you’re supported as you pursue the things that fill your emotional cup.

To help you advocate for your needs and stay true to yourself.

Let your light shine!

I’m here to support you through whatever comes your way.

No dulling your shine just to make someone else comfortable.

If you’re a burly dude who loves knitting and wearing skirts while identifying as a male, then you are welcome and safe here (just show me your knitting!!).

Same goes for those ladies out there.

And all genders in between!

Free yourself to be who you are

You deserve to be yourself. To be happy.

To live a life and do the things that bring you joy.

And you can.

Can you imagine how fantastic it would feel?

Reach out today (207) 619-0699.

Let’s get started in turning your imagination into your life.