Kink Informed Clinician

Maybe you have a little fetish.

Or maybe you have a big one.

You might even be a little bit hesitant to share.

Or your partner might be taken aback by your admission of what you’re into, sexually.

Let me reassure you.

It’s going to be ok.

You’ll find a safe space here.

I won’t judge you – or what you enjoy.

I am versed with kinks and can provide the support you need.

Together, we can ensure that you’re partaking safely in your favorite activities.

Simultaneously, we’ll make sure your partner feels comfortable, respected, and supportive of your desires.

Communication is key.

I get it. Sex in general isn’t the easiest topic of conversation.

And it can be awkward, especially in the moment, to tell your partner what you want.

Or what you don’t want.

That’s where I come in.

If you and your partner are engaging in kinks together and need more support with communicating your desires, I can help.

Safety is paramount.

I want to reiterate, you’ll find no judgment here when it comes to your kinks! None!

But I do care about your safety!

If you have concerns about what safety might look like with your particular kink, we can explore that.

We can also explore methods of gaining and sharing consent between you and your partner.

It’s about how you feel.

Sex is supposed to make you feel good. Actually, great!

Not the other way around.

We can sometimes hold shame associated with things that make us happy, and talking about them in a positive and supportive way can allow you to process those negative emotions.

If you have concerns about your kink, such as how you feel emotionally after you partake, I can help!

Ensuring that you’re supported and comfortable with what makes you happy and is part of who you are is a substantial priority.

Let’s turn your fantasies into even better realities.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, fulfilling life – that includes you.

And a happy sex life is a significant part of your overall health.

Reach out today (207) 619-0699.

Let’s talk about what that looks like for you – and how we can get you there.

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