Sex Therapy

Get closer.

You know you want to.

You can see it. Feel it. Touch it. Taste it.

You just can’t seem to get there.

You’ve got a potentially great scenario going here, but all the juicy parts are missing.

How did this happen? Where did they go?

Or maybe – where are they in the first place?

The juicy parts, that is. The moments of electricity, ecstasy, engagement that you dream about.

Satisfying and intimate sex can be challenging and rooted in many different scenarios. Maybe you didn’t have a good understanding of what sex really is – or how to engage safely with an emphasis on pleasure.

Perhaps you formulated your ideas about sex from a more religious perspective that focused primarily on the need for the man’s pleasure but didn’t even broach the idea of pleasure for women.

Heck, maybe even masturbation was viewed as something horrible or sinful. Well, guess what? That might be your first homework assignment – so you can get to know your body and what you like!

Rewrite your narrative

Honest, open dialogue about what sex is – as an abstract, as well as a personal, perception of the impact of sex on the relationship and the self – can open the door for more clarity about its role within your relationship.

But discussing sex can be hard to do without a clear idea of how to go about it and what to cover – if you really want to make lasting changes in your story.

That’s where I come in!

Through my unusual knowledge of sex, sexuality, and different aspects of intimacy, I can help you two further the discussion of your sex life!

Whether you need to take a great relationship to the next level, to improve on what you’ve started, or muster the courage to begin the conversation, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Together, we’ll nurture the closeness and connection that will bring you both fulfilment.

Intimacy looks different for everyone! Heck, even sex can look different for everyone.

Drawing out what intimacy looks like (seriously, I will draw it on a chart for us) can help us determine how to grow yours. You’ll even have homework assignments to build your most intimate connection!

Ignite the spark. Fan the flames. Forge the connection of your dreams.

You don’t have to settle for less than what you really want – especially when it comes to your most significant relationship.

Great sex isn’t just the stuff of fantasy. It’s real. And you can have it.

Let me help you navigate those difficult conversations – because they’re unbelievably worth it.

And so are YOU.

Reach out today (207) 318-3696.

Un homme estime qu’il est un vent qui souffle librement dans toutes les directions de son plaisir, mais d’abord la mère, puis l’autre. Et l’homme résiste, grimpe, se bloque et flotte fort la porte de sorte qu’elle se soucie d’excuses ou va chercher un cavalier sur la tempête, capable de régler la tempête, car au moins “Il n’y a pas de femme, pas de larmes” , mais qui a besoin d’une telle existence “sans inspiration, sans larmes, sans la vie”?