Tired of feeling overwhelmed, scared, and anxious?

Let’s kick anxiety in the teeth!

Therapy for Anxiety in York, Maine

Anxiety is a bitch.

It’ll ruin the fun things in life, have you second guessing yourself, wondering why no one likes you, avoiding all the stuff you like to do.

Not to mention, it has your body acting all weird with a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, dry mouth. Like you just ran a marathon without actually needing to move.

None of this sounds like a good time at all.

Make the change!

Stare anxiety in the eye and show it you aren’t afraid! Learn how to shut anxiety up!

Let’s show anxiety where it can go!

Cut anxiety’s head off and take that power back.

Know that you can conquer the things that scare you (without sweating through your shirt).

Call (207) 619-0699 right now and show anxiety what’s up!

Due to the social distancing precautions recommended in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently serving all my clients via teletherapy. I use a secure Audio/Video solution that allows us to meet virtually. If you are in need of support right now, just reach out to me and we will schedule an initial consultation.