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Be able to do the things you love.

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Is your sky falling, Chicken Little?

Feeling overwhelmed with just the idea of doing something?

Pulse racing? Palms sweaty?

Can’t tell if you should be as scared as you are?

Anxiety is the worst invisible friend to have.

Anxiety just won’t shut up about what you’re doing wrong.

It tries to convince you that you’re going to fuck everything up.

That the effort isn’t even worth trying.

Is your inner-Dexter dragging you down?

Is your ‘dark passenger’ telling you not to get out of bed and not to bother showering today?

When was the last time that you truly enjoyed being with your partner? You know, without your phone present and without watching that series you are binging?

That long, huh?

The dark passenger blocks out a lot of
light and life.

Connectivity with your partner gets lost.

The energy to do the things you love disappears down a floor drain.

You’re buried underneath it all.

Let’s serve an eviction notice!

Anxiety and depression feel overwhelming, but they are not permanent.

With the chance to learn and practice some new skills, your anxiety and depression will be a thing of the past.

In the not so distant future, you’ll look back and say “remember when I couldn’t…” But now you can!

Contact Joslin

Hi, I’m Joslin.

I’m anxiety’s worst nightmare.

I hate seeing the power that anxiety demonstrates.

It is aggravating! Same with depression!

I get that it is often the brain chemistry and the patterns that we engage in, but that doesn’t change how terrible it feels.

Let me show your anxiety and depression what’s up.

Having experienced some anxiety (seriously, who hasn’t?), I get the importance of coming out of the shadow.

I can be crass and sarcastic.

The better to catch those patterns off guard.

I can be blunt and forward.

The better for calling out those relationship problems you want gone.

I can be non-judgmental and open-minded.

The better for talking about sex and intimacy.

The bottom line: I can help you.

My approach will help you to feel better than you did before…

You will change your thought processes, you will get new stress-tolerance skills, you will tackle that trauma from your past.

You will see how awesome you are, how amazing your relationships can be, and that you already have the strength to do so.

Come in and talk to me, so we can get you back into the light and doing those activities you miss.

Let’s begin the journey of living your best life – a life that both you and your partner love!