Poly/Open Friendly

Why stop at one partner…

When you can have many!

Is that what you think when it comes to relationships?

Navigating a relationship with a single partner can be difficult, but open relationships are even more complicated.

Clarity is incredibly important, especially in matters of the heart.

That’s true even more when you’re dealing with more than two hearts.

The good news? It can be done.

All are welcome here.

I work with relationships of all kinds.

Whatever your experience, you can share it with me.

Friends and family might not know; you might not feel comfortable telling them.

With me, you have a safe place – a supportive environment – to work through the challenges you’re facing.

We can talk openly about what you hope to accomplish with your partner(s).

Building the strong foundation of dialogue

It all starts with solid communication.

Every relationship needs it.

But poly/open/consensually non-monogamous relationships have an increased need for it, because you’re engaging with more people’s feelings.

What you want: a safe place to talk about…

The ever-changing dynamics of multiple-partied relationships

The nitty-gritty issues that you may be consciously avoiding

What you don’t want: confusion, apprehension, and silence that causes…
Jealousy, hurt feelings, or even, potentially,

The end of the good thing – the fun – the entire relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And reinforcing it with definition

Relationships thrive when reinforced with clarity – not confusion.

Together, we can talk about primaries and secondaries.

We can work out who can sleep with whom – and where.

We can define all the important stuff to know to limit jealousy and increase healthy dialogue.

Protecting and nurturing what’s really important

The terms you use to define your relationship aren’t the most important thing.

Our most important goal is making sure you’re supported and respected as you face whatever challenges come your way!

And you might not even be facing any!

Maybe you just want to talk about issues unique to your relationship dynamics – like which partner is going to go with you to family functions.

And, who knows, one might be more open to that than another!

Get grounded – so you’re ready for takeoff!

You know you have a good thing. Why not make it better? The best it can be?

And why not do it in a safe, judgment-free zone – with someone who has the experience suited to the demands and challenges of your particular relationship style?

Reach out (207) 619-0699. Let’s talk about getting you where you really want to go!

Zuhany – gyors. Jobb, ha a simogatást száraz helyen kezdi el, majd a zuhanyhoz mozog a gyönyörű vége érdekében. És a zuhanyt használhatja az öröm meghosszabbításához azonnal a szex után. cialis vény nélkül nem előzetes szeretet, hanem véget ér! Testünk nagyon érzékeny az orgazmus után, tehát nagyon jó, ha együtt futunk a zuhany alatt.